“When my son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I thought I was a horrible mother and refused the diagnosis. After consultation with this group and family therapy sessions, I felt a huge sense of relief and learned the brain is just like other organ and it can get sick too. Both my son and I are doing well in our daily life! Thank you!”

-Mother of an American-Born Chinese college student

“I thought I was the best mother for my daughter because I sent her to Harvard. But we were arguing all the time and it was very stressful, causing me to have panic attacks. Why? After consultation, I have realized that as an immigrant family, my daughter and I have different cultural identities. My anxiety and panic attacks are related to cross-cultural and cross-generational conflict.  Being aware of that has helped me to learn how to communicate better with my daughter. I am more peaceful and relaxed now. It was the consultation sessions that helped me, not medications. I now recognize that there are unique cultural issues that need to be addressed in order to achieve emotional wellness.”

-Mother of a 3rd-year Harvard undergraduate student

“When I heard that my daughter was actively engaging in social justice and gay and lesbian issues, I was shocked. I had never heard this concept in my whole life, and I pushed my daughter to see a psychologist. This caused a lot of anxiety and insomnia, and our family had ongoing relationship conflict. After our consultation, I realized that gender identity has a biological basis, but also, that my daughter has a right to choose how she feels about it. We are trying very hard to communicate about these cross-cultural conflicts in order to reach family emotional wellness.  As a result—and I was shocked about this too—my daughter was accepted to many Ivy League universities and she got into her dream school. Understanding cross-cultural and cross-generational conflicts are key for family emotional wellness in the USA. This center is an amazing place to start to help many other families like us.”

-Mother of a college student

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