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Depression Among Asian American Students

COVID-19 and Mental Health

COVID-19 and Racism

Suicide and Self Harm

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Suicide and Self Harm Among Koreans

Alcohol Use Disorder

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Fact Sheet Coordinators

Jang Cho, Maya Son, Jobi Tat Shing Yeung

Depression Fact Sheet

Authors Justin Chen, Cindy Chou, Rohit Chandra, Hannah Park, Rebecca Tsai, Tiantian White, Jobi Tat Shing Yeung, Belle Yu Translation Credits Korean Translation: Hannah Park, Jean Cho, Hyeouk Chris Hahm, Sarah Song, Yisook Baik Chinese Translation: Yuan Hu, Yi Yang, Jobi Tat Shing Yeung References

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COVID-19 and Mental Health

Authors Kimberly Hsiung, MD, Lauren Lin, Annie Yan, Joshua Ong. Jang Cho, MD & Justin Chen, MD Translation Credits Chinese: Shilei Zhang, Joyce Wang Korean: Han Shin Lee, Yesie Yoon, MD Japanese: Kotaro Tsutsumi, Eri Shoji, MD, Takashi Matsuki, MD Vietnamese: Lan Ho, Thanh Phan, MinhAn Nguyen, & Catherine Vuky, PhD References

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COVID-19 and Racism

Authors Kimberly Hsiung, MD. Krystal Wang, Yunzhuo Liu, MA, Jang Cho, MD, & Justin Chen, MD Translation Credits Chinese: Krystal Wang, Yunzhuo Liu, MA, Joyce Wang Korean: Seung Mi Lee, Yesie Yoon, MD Japanese: Kotaro Tsutsumi, Eri Shoji, MD, Takashi Matsuki, MD Vietnamese: Lan Ho, Thanh Phan, MinhAn Nguyen, & Catherine Vuky, PhD References

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Suicide and Self-Harm

Authors Kimbery Hsiung, Joanne Huang, Lauren Lin, Jushua Ong, Audrey Lim, Christine Oh, Annie Yan Translation Credits Chinese: Zhenyu Zhang. Krsytal Wang, Yunzhuo Liu Korean: Ara Cho, Hyelee Kim, Dong-Chan Park, Peter Na References https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CU7IlcOWQIU6J7FtjZvYTPsRvUGloQtnX-PvS24DV0Y/edit

Suicide and Self-Harm Among Koreans

Authors Maya Son Translation Credits Korean - Ara Cho, Hyelee Kim, Dong-Chan Park, Peter Na References https://docs.google.com/document/d/1laIE22M-sF7ySus9kFY1VqfKQzPA2soXfMJW-q0PP-0/edit

Alcohol Use

Authors Dong-Chan Park Translation Credits Korean: Ara Cho, Hyelee Kim, Dong-Chan Park, Peter Na Chinese: Zhenyu Zhang. Krsytal Wang, Yunzhuo Liu References https://docs.google.com/document/d/1griRBZs698_hcMeb9N4ShAieA-kH5VF_ec0HiGuCEAU/edit

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